Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’

Update: As promised, Rihanna dropped the full music video to her new track, “Kiss It Better” today. Spoiler: The clip shows the singer nearly naked, covered in a sheer sheet, and writhing around with dice on her stomach. Enjoy:
Rihanna just released an Instagram preview of the new “Kiss It Better” music video from her latest album, Anti, and the shots are hot. In three stills and a short video, she’s butt-ass naked under a diaphanous sheet, arching her back in apparent ecstasy. The sultry posts are appropriate accents to the R&B song, which is basically an ’80s power ballad straight from the “Risky Business” soundtrack.

Reactions to Rihanna’s eighth studio album have been all over the place, and it hasn’t exactly been a best seller, but perhaps the music video will be such a scorcher that it’ll bring its own heat and rep the song in a new way, à la music videos of yore (looking at you, TLC and Missy Elliott). She gets things started in the video teaser, in which she performs a sort of yoga bridge pose while balancing a game die with the six-dots side facing up on her pubic bone.


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